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Door-to-Door Storage

Wardrobe Box

50 x 58 x 97cm (100 Cell)

from 300 THB

Document Box (M)

30 x 32 x 41cm (40 Cell)

from 120 THB

Carton Box (L)

43 x 44 x 47cm (80 Cell)

from 240 THB

Plastic Box (M)

34 x 52 x 27cm (40 Cell)

from 120 THB

Plastic Box (L)

32 x 52 x 36cm (60 Cell)

from 180 THB

Dimension : 50 x 58 x 97cm (100 Cell)

Suitable for : - Hanging clothes like dresses, suits, or coats - Long coats or dresses that need to be stored without folding - Bedding sets, blankets, or comforters - Large stuffed animals or soft toys

Store your infrequently used items with MeSpace to free up space and create more living area in your home. Our self storage rooms offer a complete solution accessible right from your smartphone through Cloudroom application.

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